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People around the world most usually associate Asia with Oriental Culture. In this perspective, the Far Eastern countries, like China, Japan and Korea come to our mind. But then, there is so much more in Asia there is to discover. South Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia have their share of diverse culture, rich history and picturesque sceneries.


Bahrain is famous for its pearl industry, that's why, in Manama,

there is this huge Pearl Monument. Another notable structure is

Bahrain WTC, a twin tower complex which features wind turbines

in its design.


The Bayon, Ankor Wat and Ankor Thom in Cambodia are some of the ruins of Khmer Empire. Phnom Bakheng is an ancient Hindu temple for Shiva. Throne Hall is a remarkable building inside Phnom Penh Royal Palace.


China is a country which was for a long time closed to Western Influence. This perhaps was a factor that contributed to the country's distinctive culture and tradition. The Far East have long been known and admired since the time of Marco Polo. The most famous icon of China is The Great Wall. The Forbidden City in Beijing, the world's largest palace complex, is another national pride.


Peking University is the first national university in founded in 1898. Also in the city is the Summer Palace, with a lakeside pavilion known as The Marble Boat. The Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, which was designed to look like yurts, can be found by a river in Xinjie Town. Black Dragon Pool in Yunnan Province is the perfect place to marvel the view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Shanghai City is one of the world's largest metropolis.


Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean. Pissouri Bay Area is a seaside community where tourists can go sightseeing. Up on the Kyrenia Mountain Range, is an old hermitage, St. Hilarion Castle.


Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong has beautiful gardens and bodhisattva statues.


Taj Mahal in Agra, India is one of the finest structures in the world.

Another attraction in the country would be Victoria Memorial.

Yantra Mandir in Jaipur is a sundial that measures the sun's declination

as well.


Indonesia is known for its islands, beaches and volcanoes.

Batam Island, is a tourist destination with resorts, hotels and

entertainment facilities. Bedugul, a scenic mountain village in Bali,

is a perfect destination for nature lovers. Also in Bali is Tanah Lot,

a rock formation where Pura Tana Lot Temple rests.

Prambanan Temple, in Central Java is a World Heritage Site.


Japan is a well known country for having the best of both

worlds- that is, the latest technologies and the finest sceneries.

Akibahara, known as the Electric Town, is the place to purchase not only

gadgets but also anime collectibles.


Hiroshima Peace Memorial serves as a reminder of WW2.

Itsukushima Shrine is a shinto shrine which history dates back to

the 6th century. Mount Fuji is definitely Japan's pride.


Kinkaku Ji is a Zen temple surrounded by a Japanese garden. Senso-Ji is Tokyo's oldest temple. Rainbow Bridge is a majestic view to witness at night. Close to Meriken park is a hotel shaped like a luxury liner,

Kobe Oriental Hotel. Osaka City is the second major city of Japan.


Korea is another beautiful Asian country. Gyongbok Palace in Seoul now houses the National Folk Museum of Korea. Hwaseong Fortress is another structure like Gyongbok which was built during Joseon Dynasty.


Kuwait Towers is an iconic structure that proudly stands on

Kuwait's waterfront.


Lao National Cultural Hall in Vientiane, Laos hosts performances

by sponsored artists and art groups.


Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the tallest twin towers in the world. Putra Mosque is the principal mosque of Putrajaya.


The Ruins of Bagan, an ancient city of Burma, can be found at Myanmar. Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is supposedly a 2500

years old.


Philippines is a country which is well known for its natural beauty.

Pearl Farm Resort is a beach resort in Davao. 


Boracay is another premier beach location. Siquijor Island in the Visayas Region has unspoilt white sand beaches. Cebu is a province mostly visited

for the Sinulog Festival. Mount Mayon in Bicol is known for its perfect cone.


Singapore boasts of the Esplanade, the majestic building located at the waterfront of Marina Bay. Singapore City is known as a shopping mecca.


Taipei National Concert Hall in Taiwan is a performing arts center of the Republic of China.


In Thailand, Bang Pa-In Royal Palace used to be the summer palace of

Thai Kings. Other architectures to visit are Baan Sukhawadee Mansion

and The Grand Palace.


Wat Pho and Wat Phra are more than just places of worship, they are

symbols of Thai spirituality. Hua Hin Beach and Krabi Island are tropical getaways Bosphorus Bridge and Maidens Tower are attractions in Turkey.

Bahrain world trade center
Bahrain WTC
Akibahara,  japan
Mount mayon, philippines
Mount Mayon
The esplanade, singapore
The Esplanade
Great wall of china
Great Wall of China
Kuwait towers
Kuwait Towers
Shwedagon pagoda, myanmar
Shwedagon Pagoda
the grand palace, thailand
The Grand Palace
Tanah lot, indonesia
Tanah Lot
shanghai city, china
Shanghai City
Pearl monument, bahrain
Pearl Monument
Petronas twin towers, malaysia
Petronas Tower
Putrajaya mosque, malaysia
Putrajaya Mosque
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