Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

akihabara, tokyo, japan
akihabara, tokyo, japan
akihabara, tokyo, japan
akihabara, tokyo, japan


Akibahara, Japan


Akihabara or Akiba for short is a district located in central Tokyo which is famous for its wide range of electronic shops. Today, it is also famous as the heart of manga, gaming, and animation culture in the city. Akihabara Station and the other structures surrounding it are presently undergoing redevelopments, which, upon completion, will give Akihabara a whole new “look”.

Electronic shops of different sizes abound in the hundreds surrounding Akihabara Station and along

the Chuo Avenue, locally known as Chuo Dori. These stores sell everything from the latest cameras, computers, televisions, home appliances, mobile phones, used or second-hand goods, and even

useless electronic gadgets.

Akihabara’s has changed constantly over the years and does so even up to the present.

The latest change to occur in Akihabara is its recent reputation as a center of animation culture in

Japan. This has led to the emergence of a great demand for stores to supply video games and manga and anime related items to its young, and often not so young, clients.

Aside from the conventional stalls selling goods, several anime related shops have sprouted in the district such as “cosplay” (which actually means “costume play”) cafes wherein servers are dressed up

in popular anime characters. There are also manga kissaten or comics cafes wherein clients can watch anime DVDS, read comics, and use the internet.