Bahrain World Trade Center - BWTC

bahrain world trade center
bahrain world trade center
bahrain world trade center
bahrain world trade center


Bahrain World Trade Center


The world’s very first erection that integrates very large wind turbines into it is the BWTC

(Bahrain World Trade Center). It also has several energy saving and energy recovery systems that proves the country’s unwavering commitment towards raising environmental awareness through sustainable design. The Bahrain World Trade Center is a pioneer in innovative designs for corporate and state buildings.

The Bahrain World Trade Center proves that commercial structures can be built with a strong agenda

for the environment and coincides with the needs of generations to come. The BWTC sums up the essence of a sustainable attitude encompassing all of the economic, social, and environmental influences of the project.

Significantly taking giant leaps towards architecture that is balanced environmentally, the Bahrain World Trade Center is today a great source of national pride for the people of Bahrain, and is given credit for producing economic prosperity in the capital city of Manama.

Wind Towers were the inspiration for the BWTC’s 42-storey twin towers. These large regional structures have the ability to channel wind, because of their vast sails taken from the traditional “dhow” of the Arabs. Using carefully planned CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), designing, and comprehensive testing of the wind tunnels, the BWTC’s form was quite literally molded by the wind so that airflow around the buildings was optimized.