Bedugul, Bali, Indonesia

bedugul, bali, indonesia
bedugul, bali, indonesia
bedugul, bali, indonesia
bedugul, bali, indonesia


The Bedugul


Known for its splendid golf courses, Bedugul is just 18 kilometers on the northern side of Denpasar.

The area’s three lakes supply the water for the rivers, fields, and springs to the plains beneath.

The healthy green pine forests filter the air and make it clean. Bedugul is known for its vegetables and fruits. The Ulun Danun Temple is famous landmark in the area and is both beautiful and mysterious.

The Ulun Danun Batur (Ulun Danun Temple) is a famous destination on the highlands that is found just on the outskirts of the little town of Bedugul. Renowned for its beauty and air of mystery, the Ulun sits on Lake Bedugul’s shores and casts a clear reflection on the lake’s peaceful waters.

Bedugul boasts a pleasant climate, magnificent views, great opportunities to partake of water sports

on beautiful Lake Bratan, fresh vegetables and tropical fruits, and extensive botanical gardens.

Since it is situated 1,500 meters above sea level, temperatures in the area are quite low and can get pretty chilly towards the end of the day so warm clothes are advised.

After the clouds have descended towards evening, it may be hard for first time travelers to make their way around Bedugul. When one sees the sign “Bedugul 0.2 km”, this means a road will take you straight to the Bedugul Hotel which is located on the southwestern side of the lakeshore.