Boracay Island, Philippines

boracay island, philippines
boracay island, philippines
boracay island, philippines
boracay island, philippines


Boracay Island


An ideal place to just laze around all day, Boracay Island is only 7 kilometers long, its narrowest point is just 1 kilometer wide. The largest barangays (villages) in Boracay are Manoc-Manoc (where more than half of the islandís population reside), Yapak, and Balabag.

It can be quite confusing to make your way around the vast network of tracks and paths connecting the villages to several smaller sitios or hamlets. Therefore, a map of Boracay can only give users a general guide around the island.

The west coast of the island has a beautiful beach with extremely fine white sands most especially in the area near Balabag. However, the water here is a bit shallow and not very good for underwater exploration.

The east coast is more suited for these activities but the rips in this area can be quite dangerous, so beware. Sandy bays abound around the island and are great spots to relax in if you would prefer to avoid the crowds of popular White Beach.

Boracay Island is also famous for its very rare white gleaming puka shells, tooted to be world class.

The digging and selling of puka shells on the island has been going on for years it is inevitable that

large amounts of land will soon be moved on the north side of the island. 


After a long day of exploring Boracay Island you come to rest at your Boracay hotel or resort, located nearby the beach.