Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

bosphorus bridge, istanbul, turkey
bosphorus bridge, istanbul, turkey
bosphorus bridge, istanbul, turkey
bosphorusbridge, istanbul, turkey


Bosphorus Bridge


Also known as the First Bosphorus Bridge, the Bosphorus Bridge is just one of the 2 bridges in

Istanbul, Turkey. It spans the Bosphorus Strait and bridges the gap between Asia and Europe.

The other bridge across the Bosphorus Straight is the Second Bosphorus Bridge, more formally

known as the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.

The European end of the bridge is located in Ortaköy and the Asian end is in Beylerbeyi.

A suspension bridge which employs steel pylons and sloaping hangers, the Bosphorus Bridge has a deck which is aerodynamic and hangs on zigzag cables of steel. It is over one thousand five hundred meters long and its deck has a width of almost forty meters.

The distance between the bridges two main spans is over a thousand meters and the height of each tower over the road over a hundred meters. The bridge’s clearance from sea level is 64 meters.

When it was first finished in 1973, the Bosphorus Bridge ranked as the world’s fourth longest suspension bridge, and outside the United States, it was the longest. Today, it is the world’s sixteenth longest suspension bridge.

Since the Bosphorus Bridge is a bridge that collects a toll, a thirteen booth toll plaza is located on the Asian side close to the bridge. A passing from the European side to the Asian side has a toll but not the other way around.