Cebu Island, Philippines

cebu city, philippines
cebu city, philippines
cebu city, philippines
cebu city, philippines


Cebu Island


Even before Spain had colonized the country, Cebu had already been playing an important part in

Asian trade and commerce. This is because of the natural harbour on the island of Cebu.

Its straight is deep enough to allow the flow of merchandise via international sea cargo vessels. Neighboring Mactan Island helps as protection from current and winds.

The weather in Cebu is also another big factor in promoting business in the region since typhoons

rarely hit the island and rainfall is moderate throughout the year. What’s more, the island is not

situated inside any earthquake belt and there are no known active volcanoes in its immediate vicinity. Furthermore it has an international airport that is big enough to link the island to many other continents.

Cebu’s public administrators are known for being development-minded, bringing Cebu forward to great heights by strategically building a system of infrastructure which encludes many Cebu Resorts, all necessary for the growth of the economy. The island also boasts of several world class learning institutions and universities that entice students from other parts of the country to matriculate there, serving to boost the island’s highly educated and skilled workforce.

Cebu continues to tirelessly excel and businessmen are drawn to the island because of the professionalism, culture, and craftsmanship of its workforce. This, coupled with good weather and

mostly peaceful politics makes Cebu a haven for investors.