Chi Lin Nunnery, Hong Kong

chi lin nunnery, hong kong
chi lin nunnery, hong kong
chi lin nunnery, hong kong
chi lin nunnery, hong kong


Chi Lin Nunnery


Just a short distance from Wong Tai Sin is the strikingly beautiful Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong. Founded in the 1930s, this Buddhist Nunnery provides religious, cultural, educational, as well as offers services for care of the elderly in Hong Kong. The building was reconstructed in 1990 and now follows the architectural style of monastic structures during the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 AD). Currently, the Chi Lin Nunnery stands as an excellent example of the marriage between modern architecture and that of ancient techniques in building.

Built using Yellow Cedar imported from Canada, the Chi Lin Nunnery was carved by skilled artisans and craftsmen in China. Pieces that resembled jigsaw puzzle elements were created and were put together without the use of nails. A bracket system and wooden doweling were employed to construct the building.

The Nunneryís main hall looks like the Shanxi Provinceís Foguang Monastery, while the twin attic Hall of Celestial Kings looks precisely like Kyoto, Japanís Phoenix Hall built in the 11th century.

The Chi Lin Nunnery boasts of a lotus pond with bonsai and bushes within its grounds.

The grounds are also flanked by the exquisitely crafted images of the goddess of mercy Guanyin,

the Sakyamuni Buddha and other bodhisattvas, the God of Medicine and many more gods and goddesses of Buddhist mythology.