Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, Japan

kobe meriken park oriental hotel
kobe meriken park oriental hotel
kobe meriken park oriental hotel
kobe meriken park oriental hotel


Kobe Oriental Hotel


A city on the port filled with cosmopolitan charm and air, Kobe is a well known Hotel in Japan, located along an extensive strip of narrow land nicely situated between mountains and sea.

The Maritime Museum as well as the Port Tower, which is a symbol of the city is housed within Meriken Park, which, in its turn, faces the ocean

Standing on a piece of land protruding into the sea is the charming Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel. Designed to fit in with the Maritime Museum and the Port Tower, the Kobe Oriental Hotel resembles a cruise ship that had just dropped anchor on the island. The unique location of the hotel, bordered by the sea at a 270 degree angle, provides a stunning and unobstructed view of the sea, harbor, and city from the hotel room’s balcony.

Kobe at night is even more beautiful and romantic with a spectacular display of colors, lights, and outlines. Whether the reason for visiting is for business or pleasure, a relaxing and refreshing time is assured, much as though you were spending your time onboard a luxury liner.

Designed by Hirsh Bedner Associates, famed for designing a large number of luxury hotels all over the world, utmost comfort exudes from each floor. The interiors are chic and tastefully designed lending the Kobe Oriental Hotel an air of luxury and comfort.