Mount Fuji, Fujisan, Japan

mount fuji, japan
mount fuji, japan
mount fuji, japan
mount fuji, japan


Mount Fuji


The highest mountain in Japan at 3,776 meters, Mount Fuji or Fujisan (as the locals call it) is considered a sacred mountain and has been worshipped in ancient times. With its almost perfect shape, Mount Fuji has fascinated ordinary people as well as artists alike.

A dormant volcano, Mount Fujií last recorded eruption was in 1708. It is located on the border between Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures and is visible on clear days from Yokohama and Tokyo.

A train trip on the Tokaido Line from Tokyo to Osaka is the most convenient way to see Mount Fuji.

If you ride the bullet train or shinkansen to Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto from Tokyo, you can enjoy a

great view of the famous mountain volcano from Shin-Fuji Station on the trainís right side, approximately 45 minutes after departing from Tokyo.

Unfortunately, poor visibility and clouds often obstruct the scenic view of the volcano and it is quite difficult to get a clear view of its beauty. Mount Fuji is better seen during the winter season and in the wee hours of the morning rather than during summer and late nights.

In the months of July and August, climbing is officially allowed on Mount Fuji.