Pearl Monument, Manama, Bahrain

pearl monument, manama, bahrain
pearl monument, manama, bahrain
pearl monument, manama, bahrain
pearl monument, manama, bahrain


The Pearl Monument


The Pearl Monument is one of Bahrain’s most memorable landmarks. It is made up of 6 dhow (Arab sailing ships) “sails” going up into the heavens with a gigantic pearl resting on its pinnacle.

The 6 sails represent the 6 Gulf countries, while the pearl represents their being united by one heritage. Located near the edge of the Causeway of the Manama-Muharraq, the Pearl Monument has always successfully left a lasting and grand impression on visitors.

The Pearl Monument serves as a beautiful reminder of the old days of Bahrain, when diving for pearls was the main industry in country. It is hard to miss this impressive work of art when you tour around the city of Manama as it is located near the Sanabis road on one of the city’s roundabouts.

The magnificence of Bahrain is evident in the crystal clear blue water that borders this island.

Although Manama City is currently under development, each new building that is finished serves to

add to the already beautiful skyline consisted of many Bahrain hotels and business offices.

Construction of the buildings follow the Pearl Monument’s theme and all the buildings resemble the sail

of ships. A beautiful light show produced by the buildings can be seen by viewers at night. In the middle of it all is the Pearl monument which stands as brilliant reminder of this nation’s history.