Peking University, Beijing, China

peking university, beijing, china
peking university, beijing, china
peking university, beijing, china
peking university, beijing, china


Peking University


The Peking University is an inclusive and state key university. Locally called the Yan Yuan (which translates to “the garden of Yan), the campus is located in Beijing’s western suburb of Haidian District.

It has a total area of over two million square meter or over two hundred hectares and stands near the Summer Palace and the Yuanmingyuan Garden.

The Peking University boasts an impressive faculty which consists of over fifty members of the CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), seven members of the CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering), and fourteen members of the TWAS (Third World Academy of Sciences).

This institution has successfully amalgamated research on key subjects in the sciences with the appropriate personnel training which demands only the highest level of dedicated knowledge and professional expertise as required by the state’s socialist transformation. It aims not only for growth in research work and teaching but also for the advancement of interaction and joint promotion among several different disciplines.

The Peking University therefore has become the heart of research and teaching and a learning institute of a different type, taking on different branches of learning such as humanities and the social sciences, applied and basic sciences, sciences of medicine, education, and management. Its main goal is to be among the best universities globally in the forthcoming future.