Royal Palace Throne Hall - Preah Thineang Dheva Vinnichay, Cambodia

royal palace throne hall, cambodia
royal palace throne hall, cambodia
royal palace throne hall, cambodia
royal palace throne hall, cambodia


Royal Palace Throne Hall, The Sacred Seat of Judgment


Situated between 240th and 184th Streets is the Royal Palace which was constructed in 1866 by the French. The Place can be accessed at the entrance on Samdech Sothearos Boulevard, which was formerly named Lenin Boulevard, just a short distance from the river banks of the Tonle Sap.

The most important among the many buildings housed within this complex is the Throne Hall.

Built in 1917, the Throne Hall’s style is distinctly Khmer and is opened only during special events.

A 59 meter tower is attached to this building.

“Preah Thineang Dheva Vinnichay” is the Throne Hall’s Khmer name and it means the "Sacred Seat of Judgment." Before, the Throne Hall served as a venue for the king’s most privileged officials, generals, and royal staff members to carry out their obligations. Today it is used for royal as well as religious events such as royal weddings and coronations. It also serves as a reception area for the King to meet his guests.

Three spires crown this cross-shaped structure. Brahma’s 4-faced head tops the 59 meter central spiral. As the name implies, the Throne Hall houses the royal throne as well as the busts of the former kings of Cambodia. Since the first Throne Hall under the reign of King Noromdom was destroyed in 1915, the existing building was built in 1917 under the reign of King Sisowath and is the second one to be built on this location.