The Royal Grand Palace, Thailand

the grand palace, thailand
the grand palace, thailand
the grand palace, thailand
the grand palace, thailand


The Grand Palace


For almost a hundred and fifty years, the Grand Palace at Bangkok served not just as the home

of the Royals and their court, but also that of the governmentís entire administrative seat.

Within the Palaceís fortified walls were the nationís state departments, war ministry, and even the treasury. Just before the end of the 19th century, the kings of Thailand had ceased to live full time

in the palace. And yet the complex is still the spiritual heart and seat of power kingdom of Thailand.

Like most of Ratanokosin Island, the Grand Palace complex was designed following the general outline for palaces of the Ayutthaya era. Near the place where visitors enter the grounds is the Outer Court. This area houses the departments of the government in which the king had direct involvement, which includes civil administration, the treasury, and the army. One corner of the complex beside the Outer Court contains the tranquil Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

The inner court was located at the back of the central court. The daughters and royal consorts of the king resided here. Much like a little city, the inner court was inhabited by women and pre-pubescent boys. The inner court is not accessible to public viewing although no royalty resides there today.