Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, Calcutta

victoria memorial, india
victoria memorial, india
victoria memorial, india
victoria memorial, india


Victoria Memorial


Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) is home to one of the most fascinating structures in India,

the Victoria Memorial. The Victoria Memorial reawakens the opulent past of the Raj era.

Built in white marble, the structure is a marriage between Mughal and European architecture.

Historians and scholars claim that the Victoria Memorial is an unsuccessful attempt by the British to surpass the Taj Mahal.

The idea was first thought of by Lord Curzon as a tribute to British Queen. He decided to build a structure of humungous proportions on British India’s capital of Kolkata. Unfortunately, once the design of the building was drawn up by Sir William Emerson, raising money for this endeavor was not so easy. Fortunately, Lord Curzon was eventually able to raise the necessary funds from India’s princes and its people.

On January 4, 1906 the Prince of Wales laid the foundation stone in Kolkata at the Memorial at and on December 21, 1921, the Victoria Memorial was inaugurated by the Duke of Windsor.

Aside from the Royal Gallery, the Kolkata Gallery is a definite must-see when going to the Victoria Memorial. It features a comprehensive history of Kolkata, from its founding by Job Charnock up until the time when the capital of British India was transferred to the city of New Delhi in 1911.